Holistic Wellness Services

Find peace of mind and a deeper connection in life with our holistic wellness services.

We specialize in nurturing the ‘whole’ person through counseling, coaching, and energy practices. Whether you're seeking inner peace, looking for a sense of purpose, or striving to enhance your relationships as an individual or a couple, we're here to help you heal from within. Contact us today to begin living your best life.


Navigating Life's Challenges

Rise above life's challenges with resilience and grace. We help you navigate difficult situations, transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

Achieve Calmness and Clarity

Our mindful practices are designed to bring calmness and clarity to your daily life, helping you maintain a balanced and serene state of mind.

Evolving Together as a Couple

Experience increased intimacy and a deeper understanding of each other and yourself within the relationship. We create a space for your love to grow stronger and more enduring.

Discover Your True Self

We provide the tools for you to connect deeply with your authentic self, aiding you in making heart-centered, purposeful decisions that resonate with who you truly are.


Holistic Counselling

Discover a path to complete wellness with our holistic counselling. Our unique approach embraces more than just the mind; it nurtures your body, emotions, and soul. Engage in a transformative journey with mindfulness practices and guided meditation designed to heal and renew from the inside out.

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Holistic Life Coaching

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Holistic Life Coaching. This approach considers every aspect of your being - mind, body, and spirit - to address life's imbalances. Through mindfulness, visualization, and meditation, we guide you towards self-awareness, acceptance, and living a life aligned with your deepest values and purposes.

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Couples Counselling/ Coaching

Rekindle and strengthen your relationship. Whether you're taking the first steps together or navigating challenges, we're here to enhance your communication, deepen your connection, and foster genuine trust. We guide you towards a deeper, enduring love, enhancing intimacy and understanding while healing past wounds and resolving dysfunctional patterns.

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Energy Healing

Experience the transformative power of Reiki, a Japanese technique that enhances relaxation and promotes holistic healing. This unique method taps into your life force energy, harmonizing your mental, emotional, and physical states. Feel a radiant glow and a sense of profound peace and well-being as we guide you toward balance and health.

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Goddess K.

I didn't realize I had so much stored inside. I'm eternally grateful for Kerrin and her healing energy as so much came up and out of me during and after session. Although I'm not completely healed. I'm definitely making amazing progress with my family and relationship and feel confident I will get through the rest of my challenges. I received so much value and recommend her especially to first timers who may be anxious.


Kerrin is very easy to open up to, she is relatable in every way and is always very cognizant of what is needed at every level of my healing journey. Since becoming a client I have grown both emotionally and spiritually and have had many positive enhancements in my life, thanks to the safe space and positive energy that Kerrin provides.


Kerrin has been absolutely amazing. I've been going to see her for about 3 years. I always leave feeling lighter, calm and rejuvenated. She's a kind and positive soul who truly cares.

Nyashaateh T.

My reiki sessions with Kerrin have truly been transformative and healing. The calming energy and genuine care she brings to each session make it a unique and uplifting experience. Kerrin's skill and intuitive approach make her an outstanding Reiki practitioner. Highly recommended for anyone seeking holistic healing and balance.

Self Ease Solutions offers holistic wellness services across Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, and virtually worldwide.