About SES

Self Ease Solutions was founded in 2016 by Kerrin St.Omer, a visionary with a passion for holistic well-being and personal growth. This journey began when Kerrin arrived in Toronto, seeking meaningful work as a therapist. However, instead of simply seeking opportunities, she decided to create her own spaceā€”a sanctuary for healing, connection, and transformation.

At Self Ease Solutions, we specialize in holistic wellness services, offering a compassionate and comprehensive approach to health and happiness. Our focus is on helping women and couples navigate the complexities of modern life, providing tools and support to find peace of mind and heart. We believe that true wellness encompasses the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Our diverse array of services is crafted with this holistic vision in mind, aiming to nurture and rejuvenate every facet of your being.

While traditional approaches often focus on cognitive support alone, we embrace a holistic perspective that encompasses the mind, body, emotions, and soul. Our heart-centered philosophy emphasizes authentic connections and spiritual growth, allowing us to provide a deeply transformative experience.

About Kerrin St.Omer

Kerrin St.Omer, the CEO and esteemed Mind & Body Practitioner, is a dedicated Holistic Counsellor and Life-Coach with a rich experience spanning over 12 years. Her journey into the wellness field was inspired by personal traumas and a profound desire to assist others in overcoming their challenges. Kerrin has successfully hosted in-person and virtual wellness events for seven years, respecting the confidentiality and trust placed in her by numerous counselling clients. Beyond her professional life, she finds joy in dancing, playing interactive/board games, meditating, traveling, and cherishing moments with her family. Kerrin's holistic approach and deep empathy make her a guiding light for those seeking wellness and transformation.

Experience Includes working in and with...

  • Corporate (Positions from assistant to management)
  • Non-Profit (volunteer, trainer, project management)
  • Community training & program development
  • Group Homes/Foster Homes
  • Mentoring (Youth, Employee)
  • Group Wellness (Corporate, Individual Mental Health)
  • Suicide Awareness Training
  • Event Hosting...
  • and more....

My Story

I was shy and reserved. I definitely was a cryer and very sensitive to others feelings so often enjoyed alone time playing with my dolls in my own make believe world and doing anything creative. Before reaching double figures I endured sexual abuse, followed by a life altering back injury in my teens and suicide attempt. Suffice to say I was broken and held secrets. Moving into motherhood early in life I was then faced with having to make it all work. So I did, the best way I knew how. These were only some of the marker moments that changed the course of my life and ones I bravely chose to revisit for my own healing journey. My growth and transformation has included but not limited to experiencing contribution, love, loss, motherhood, forgiveness, light, dark, isolation and spiritual elevation. I say this to let you know that I know what it feels like to struggle and be challenged. I am proof that you can do better and feel better. Over the years as an empath and someone who accesses clair senses. My mission is to use my gifts to help others. Let me support you in your transformation authentically, competently and most importantly heart led.


Shasha Weir, Counsellor, RSSW

I believe in a client-centered, partnership, and holistic approach to healing, utilizing and maximizing your own strengths, and using that to attain treatment goals.
I specialize in children, youth, individual, family and therapy. Working together as a team, we will focus on you, the client, in healing the mind, body and soul.


Our mission is to uplift humanity's consciousness, one individual at a time, by connecting, supporting, healing, and transforming lives. We aim to empower each individual on their journey of self-discovery and growth, contributing to a more conscious and enlightened world.

Self Ease Solutions offers holistic wellness services across Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, and virtually worldwide.