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Couples Counselling & Coaching: Enhance Your Relationship

Our Couples Counselling/Coaching services cater to various relationship stages, including premarital, couples looking to reconnect, and those facing challenges.

What's Included:

Our program is designed to guide you back to the fundamental principles of a healthy relationship, providing you with the tools to rebuild a solid foundation. Through our expertise, we impart effective communication techniques, the essence of authentic love, trust-building strategies, the establishment of new dynamics in your relationship, and the path to reconnection. You'll acquire the skills needed to foster understanding and transition your love from conditional and painful to a deeper, stronger, and enduring connection. After commencing the healing process and when both partners are open to change and vulnerability, our attention shifts to reconnection and maintenance.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of emotional reactions and reorganize them.
  • Foster healthier communication between partners.
  • Experience increased intimacy and emotional connection.
  • Find opportunities for healing past wounds.
  • Resolve dysfunctional relationship patterns.
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of the 'self' within the context of your relationship, leading to a more fulfilling partnership and much more.

Self Ease Solutions Presents

Couples Sessions Information And Pricing

Premarital / Couples Reconnection / Couples In Crisis

We as human beings need belonging. We long for love. We search for happiness. Healthy relationships are one way we can fill these important life needs. Relationships can bring immense pleasure and joy but at times feel like intense pain and an unmanageable challenge. Through my own personal relationship experiences and working with clients over the years, I strongly believe that couples can heal and make things work if they are both invested. Exploration, honesty, commitment and a willingness to address their own individual areas of improvements are imperative for success as a couple..

We establish our initial knowledge base from what we have experienced as children. Our upbringings are 100% responsible for the limited skills or false beliefs we hold about romantic relationships. What we don’t see, experience and learn is just as significant, so we are 100% responsible for reprogramming the unhelpful processes and learning new skills. We all can be improved versions of ourselves despite what we have been through.

How are we expected to navigate one of the most difficult life tasks without the know-how? Communication. You wouldn’t be expected to pass an exam without any studying or training. Each relationship we enter has the unique opportunity for healing and happiness. It does however take effort and assistance as we are often stuck in unhealthy patterns and dysfunctional behaviour.

Using the principles of Gottman philosophy, couple work takes you back to the fundamentals of a healthy relationship so you can rebuild the foundation. It teaches you how to communicate effectively, love authentically, rebuild trust, establish new rules of engagement, reconnect and learn the skills required to generate understanding and move your love from conditional and painful to a deeper, stronger and more Pragma “Enduring” love. Once the healing work has begun and a couple is able to be vulnerable and open to change, it’s important to work on re-connecting and maintenance.

Benefits to Couple Work

  • Develop a greater understanding of re-organize emotional reactions
  • Healthier Communication
  • Increase in Intimacy
  • Opportunities to heal past wounds
  • Resolving of dysfunctional patterns
  • Deeper understanding of the ‘self’ within relationships and more….

Couples Sessions Pricing & PACKAGES

Clients can book individual sessions as they see fit however we strongly believe that optimal effectiveness and success takes commitment and consistency. For this reason, it is recommended that couples book a package to begin their healing and transformation.

OPTION 1 Counselling Plan - Recommended for Couples In Crisis, Post Incident, Couples new to counselling.

5 sessions broken down as follows

  • Session 1) 90 min - Couple attends (Assessments/Process review)
  • Session 2) 50 min - Partner A
  • Session 2) 50 min - Partner B
  • Session 3) 75 min - Couple attends
  • Session 4) 75 min - Couple attends (Decisions/Commitments etc)

Total value $1,141* Virtual or In-Person

SPRING 2024 PROMO - Total package as above (15% off**)

OPTION 2 Coaching Plan - Connection, Communication and Compromise Recommended for couples who wish to reconnect, premarital, new relationships or after Option 1 complete. 6 x 90 Minute Sessions, Worksheets & Handouts included.

  • Session 1) Intro / Connection and Assessment
  • Session 2) Needs, Values and Compromise.
  • Session 3) Communication 1 (situation specific exploration, Non-Violent Communication skill building)
  • Session 4) Communication 2 (general skill building, understanding and empathy building)
  • Session 5) Connection (Physical/Mental/Emotional) includes guided meditation
  • Session 6) Exploring Intimacy, fears and future commitments

Total value $1,830* Virtual or In-Person

SPRING 2024 PROMO - Total package as above * (18% off**)

Recommended add on - Individual sessions

Recommended duration - In-Crisis (weekly), Couples reconnecting (bi-weekly)

*All prices are in CAD including hst added. Option to split into two equal payments, second instalment to be charged two weeks after first payment.

To sign up please book an initial couple 90 min session using the client portal. If you would like to take advantage of the package discount please book your 90 minute session and then email for price adjustments and free booklet.

*Packages based on current pricing - Each 50 min couple session is $177. Each 75 min couple session costs $268. Each 90 minute session is $305. Each individual session is $150

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